You know you’re a nosey neighbor when…

Recently, since I have developed a new and exciting fear of leaving my apartment. Strictly speaking, driving, I have instead taken to sitting at my house and listening to my environment. Because of this, I have been very involved with my new downstairs neighbors that have just moved in. Do I talk to them ever? No. Do I care about what they are doing? No. I just find their lifestyle of coming home at strange times and their odd number of people living there interesting. And thus, this list was born.

7 reasons why you are a nosey neighbor 


  1. You have never met your neighbors and yet you know so many things about them– Whether they are coming home later than usual or they left their windows open during an argument. You know about it. They are noisy when they do come home after 11 at night and you can definitely hear yelling more often than your peaceful silent existence would like.
  2. Sometimes, you’ll sit on your patio to listen to the people below you– In my previous apartment, the apartment below us was vacant for the majority of the time. When people moved in, my entertainment started even though I could not understand a word of the language they were speaking.
  3. If you hear your neighbor coming up the stairs, you look through your peep hole– To just get the smallest bit of entertainment, looking out the peep hole to see if your neighbor bought groceries, or has friends or has a dog. Does any of this ever matter? No. Why it matters to me, I will never know.
  4. If you see a lot of movement and presume they are moving, you keep an eye on their furniture– Heaven forbid they throw out that old table.
  5. You seriously dislike all the noise coming from their apartment on a personal level– You live a quiet existence and go to bed at nine at night. When they arrive home at midnight, loudly, its reasonable to get frustrated.
  6. You would much rather speculate what all the yelling is about than actually find out– They could be yelling at the TV, screaming about stubbing their toe, or having a real argument. Either way, what you are thinking it is is way more interesting.
  7. Finally, you deep down feel as though they know you’ve been keeping an eye on them– I think this usually because, if I’m so curious about them, why aren’t they curious about me?

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