Addicted to You series by Krista and Becca Ritchie

Original Posting, May 13th, 2o15

This review is coming a bit too late.  Unfortunately I was overloaded with procrastinated homework after I finished the series in about a week in March. Not healthy, not good for grades but it definitely made me happy.

And now, I have about 5 days until the new semester begins and I have to take Spanish and math over the summer. Some summer break for me.

So I appreciated this story on more than one level.  It is written in first person in the point of view of Lily for the most part and then a few books in starts to alternate between Lo and Lily.  I really liked the whole outlook of the book.  Lily and Lo are both heirs to a huge fortune, and as usual with money comes huge problems.  I really loved the way the authors made their problems seem so real, because issues are relative and just because you have a lot of money or live in a world of privilege does not make your life easy.

The entire series is about the struggle Lily and Lo have with their sex and alcohol addictions, respectively.  As well as their co-dependency on each other.  They have been best friends from the time they were children, and though they have had a fake relationship with each other for years, neither of them want to admit their real feelings for each other.

Lo is an only child, and Lily has three sisters, all named after flowers, who add depth and development to the story.

I love how well the authors developed their story.  Each character has characteristics that make them seem real.  Daisy has reoccurring habits, Rose has a very relatable personality, at least to me.  Poppy is more of a side character but plays the part of older sister who was much older than the others  very well.  Lily is obviously the most well-developed and detailed character who’s insecurities never get annoying as some usually do.  Her sex addiction is so well described and researched it’s almost lifelike.

Lo is stubborn, in denial and desperately and secretly In love with Lily.  He holds a lot of power and is very strong-willed and bad-tempered.  All things that make him a great character to watch the development of.

There is also a very powerful character dynamic between the sisters and Lily and Lo’s friends.  The points of view from Lo actually sound like a man, rather than a woman writing idealistic about men.

All In all this series is so well-developed I felt like I was lost in another world, and I was super depressed when I had to leave it.

Fantastic job Krista and Becca Ritchie.


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