Bully by Penelope Douglas

original date, July 22, 2013

I’m not too sure what to think of this book at the moment. Kindle says I’m 35% done but I’m not feeling anything towards this book yet. The conflict between Tate and Jared is interesting but frustrating because there are not even hints. His clear hatred for her seems to stem from his father but that’s the only hint so far.
The writing technique is good, so that’s kept me up so far, I will probably know if it’s worth it by tonight.


After finishing this book at 1:27 in the morning, when I needed to be up at 7 for a ten-hour shift at my job, I would say the book successfully grabbed me and held me.
The tension between Jared and Tate finally built up to something, and the way Penelope kept you guessing literally till the end was a great aspect.

Basically Tate and Jared had been friends since they were youngsters, but one summer after spending it with his dad he came back and hated Tatum. For no apparent reason. After two years of him bullying her ( hence the title) she takes off to France, and when she comes back is when the novel starts and things start to change.

Rival is the second book, I’m willing to give that a shot when it comes out, but some seconds to books fall short.

Not a brilliant work, but definitely a fun summer read, I recommend it to anyone that wants to just dive into a book for a few hours.



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