Crossing by Stacey Wallace Benefiel

Original post June 18, 2014

I suppose I’ll just tell it like It is in this book. And I won’t give spoilers because there is definitely something no one expects that will happen.
As I’m sure you can tell by the books I read I absolutely love young adult college romance stories. It’s in my age group and they are so idealistic that I pretend they are my life.
I found this novel, “Crossing”, through an email, and I got it for free. But it is worth buying.

20140618-142118-51678343.jpgThis story is so powerful and surprising and well written, that even when I got to the twist, and it made me a little uncomfortable, I couldn’t stop reading.
I don’t even know the woman who wrote it besides her name. But you can feel every bit of emotion the author feels. Such an original story that I’ve never read anything like it.

The novel is in first person, of Dani. Rather than being poor me, I’m beautiful but I don’t know it and I need a man to bring it out of me, Dani is average. With a real self-esteem problem than a made up one. Real weight problems and a real tragic story.
And then she meets Liam, who’s different than anyone I’ve ever read about. He has a past, and an amazing secret.

No supernatural secrets so don’t worry! Amazing five-star read, and pretty close to literary genius.



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