On Breakups

While my readership is probably as low as a WordPress website can be, I still feel compelled to write a little something for those that stumble upon them.

I am not a wizard at relationships. Am I really good at the one I have with my boyfriend? 100 percent yes. But, still that doesn’t mean I’m perfect at it. And it definitely does not mean that I will have good advice for you.

I also really don’t think of myself as a feminist. And I know, all you woman rights people can go right ahead and hate me, but men are not the ones holding us down. In my experience, my male partner lifts me up and makes me stronger. Women in power is and should be a non-issue. We’re making it an issue, so perhaps we should stop blaming other people for all our problems. Isn’t that called projecting or something?

While I digress, I do feel like there is still an immense double standard. Ladies, how much do we deal with on a regular basis from men? I can roll with the punches pretty well myself, often fitting in more with the masculine crowd of friends than the feminine. Blame the video games.

However, say you have a bad month for your period or a bad day and just desperately do not want to put up with the constant parade of shit your boyfriend lays on you; be it dirty clothes on the floor or failing to pay their bills on time.  Suppose you mention something about how you don’t want to get up and get something for them. Suddenly you’re the worst. And they have forgotten about all the things you put up with the other 365 days out of the year. They forget you’ve driven them around all over when they couldn’t. They forget that you cover their tab when they can’t afford it. All they remember is that you yelled at them over something really “insignificant” and compare what they would have done in the situation.

Suggestion. If these scenarios are happening to you more than not, it’s time to get out of that situation.

And man is it going to suck. Being compulsively cheated on by my ex-boyfriend and lied to about it still was not enough to keep me from breaking up with him. All I could think was, but he loves me, he didn’t mean it, he will change. No. They don’t change. not when they are 20, not when they are 30 and definitely not any time after that. So unless you can resign to accepting the incessant shit, flush it.


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