Origin by Jennifer Armentrout

Original Posting, September 1, 2013

Alright, so the reason I even have a blog is because of these novels.
I absolutely loved obsidian the first installment. Jennifer never fails to create a really good character development and relationship development. Not just in romantic relationships either.

At the end of opal, I was literally dying. I mean I had a countdown until the day it came out on this blog of mine. I began fangirling over Daemon, or maybe it was Pepe. Either way Sean was getting jealous I think.

I won’t say this installment was a let down, because it wasn’t , but I feel as though its being drawn out. Yes, another issue has been made, but it could have been handled In this book rather than filling it with fluff.

I always love a good conflict, they drive stories. So of course this one is great and keeps getting better until you reach the cliff hanger.

I’m not a huge fan of dual point of view in the first person. Women can simply not write like a man could. Though I know why she did it, the whole beginning couldn’t be from Kats’ pov, though that would of given it a lot more mystery.

It was definitely written well as usual. However, it did not feel as powerful and passionate as the previous three. Perhaps it is just a lull in the story that needed to get out before it could continue.

Also, it was always Matthew and I darn well knew it.


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