Q&A with Diana Gabaldon

When I was in one of my physical therapy appointments a few weeks ago I over heard a woman talking about Game of Thrones. Everyone talks about Game of Thrones right? It’s kind of like a universal similarity for everyone. Then I hear the name Gabaldon and my attention piqued. Diana Gabaldon is one of my favorite authors. The mastermind behind the lengthy novels I spend so much of my time reading. There was no way this woman was talking about Outlander. Then she mentioned Jaime and I knew.

Normally when I’m having STEM on my back I sit and mind my business, but that day I turned to her and asked if she, in fact, was talking about Outlander. Her eyes lit up, my eyes lit up and suddenly this woman that had been having treatment at the same time as me for weeks was talking to me as if we had known each other forever. Perhaps in a way we have, we have the same experiences with a book, which can always bring people together.

In our conversation, she mentioned that Diana would be coming to Scottsdale, Arizona. That is the very place that I live and, better than that, the event was roughly 8 minutes from my apartment.

When November 10th rolled around, 7 O’clock came and I was not really feeling like leaving my house. It was dark; I had just spent the entire day at University and battled my way through the deep Phoenix traffic. But I thought to myself if I don’t go I’m going to regret this. So I went, and thank goodness I did.

This room was packed to the point where it was standing room only with a handful of younger woman and a handful of men in general. They were mostly there with their wives. The Poisoned Pen, a local bookstore in Scottsdale, is regular when it comes to working with Diana and put on the event.

They had a Q&A as well as a book signing. But, being on a college student’s budget the beautiful companion book to the show was not in my price range. And so, I just enjoyed listening to her speak and really connected with how she spoke about her characters.

She said something along the lines of how she is Jaime and Claire and none of the writers for the show will ever be able to speak like them because they are not them. I’m emotional about words and books and it was just absolutely amazing to hear such an accomplished writer has not strayed from what the true meaning of writing is.

I also had the opportunity to ask her a question, which was probably the highlight of my year. After telling her my name, I asked what she does to help motivate her to write. Since that’s always been my problem. I have hundreds of ideas at once and then never write them because it’s overwhelming. She said just to write. Even if you don’t know what you want to write about and the words come out less than ideal you’re putting the words on the page and eventually they will come out the way you want them.

All in all, the experience was amazing. Being able to see her was my version of someone meeting his or her favorite actor or singer. Except, Diana wrote a ton of books and created an entire world for herself and her readers to enjoy.



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