Soul Mates

Today I want to talk about soul mates. There is a lot of debate about whether the soul is even a real thing, or if souls are fated to be together. I am fully aware of the culture of superstition around these things, but isn’t it nice to think that there is another human or animal out there and your souls are bound to meet, even if it is just for a short time.

I have ready many schools of thought on soul mates. There are some that say that soul mates are not meant to be together forever, they just come into each others lives to learn something but then they disappear as quickly as they came.

There are others that state that your soul mate does not have to be the significant other in your life. It is possible they are your best friend, your parent, or even your pet. (Shout out to my dogs and my late fish, Chauncey).

There is also thoughts that you might never meet your soul mate, and instead can be so close to them and never know it. Ever look at a person and feel an instant otherworldly connection and then never lay eyes on them again? That’s what I think is a kindred spirit.

The thought I prescribe to is a combination of these things. I think there are soul mates, just perhaps not in the conventional sense. Our bodies are energy, the earth is energy, the sun, and really the entire universe is just energy. Our god, in a conventional sense is a man in Catholicism and in a lot of other religion takes the shape of a person or animal. It always takes a shape that we as humans recognize. But, perhaps “God” is just a pile of energy and spits out bits of himself when bodies and babies are created.

With that, our souls are recycled. Animals are creatures of habit, so it would make sense that we always stayed with the souls and energies we are comfortable with.

I am fully aware that the energies, or people, in my life have been there for a long time. My best friend Jillian is a real other part of me; my harsh behavior is mellowed by her calm love of everything. And that’s been our dynamic since we were four and five.

My boyfriend, Sean, who you can creep on throughout this site, was instantly kindred to me the moment I saw him. He walked into a Chili’s on a random night in the summer, on a night I was planning on staying inside with my book. I was out with people I didn’t really know, save for two of them and Sean just happened to know them. Next thing I know it’s five and a half years later and we are still inseparable. My stoic man of few words had even once said to me, “ I feel like I’ve known you much longer than I have.”
That doesn’t just happen. I’ve had boyfriends that I had been with for a while and never felt like our souls belonged together. Not to mention that I’m very picky about where my energy goes and who it is
given to. And I’m not trying to say in a sappy way my boyfriend and I are soul mates, but I seriously believe our souls have known each other in each of our past lives.

But as this page says, take everything with a grain of salt because I also think I was the Grand Duchess Anastasia in my past life too.



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