January Daily Goodie Box

As I write to you all, I am sitting in my living room wrapped in Daily Goodie box closeda blanket(that I made), drinking English breakfast tea (decaf) and nervously chewing on my lips while I watch Captain Philips(alone).  I am also staring at the impossibility that is the Daily Goodie Box I placed in front of me.

How did I find this? I was sitting at work during my lunch break and browsing the internet for some freelance writing jobs when I came across this request for review writing. One resume and cover letter later (thank you ASU Walter Cronkite) and I was chosen to review a package.
So! What was included here?

Gary Poppins Lite Popcorn

This popcorn is often found in Sprouts, and a quick Google search proved it could also be found in Office Max.  This bag of popcorn has a total of 90 calories and has the lightest texture of a popcorn I have ever had. It’s perfectly portioned for a quick snack at night rather than an entire bag of microwave popcorn. The small bit of salt is not overpowering and I don’t find myself licking my lips and desperately craving water.

Herr’s Potato Popped Chip
. Flavor: Tangy BBQ flavor

This is by far my favorite thing in this entire box. Probably because all I do is sit on my couch and eat, and this is positively perfect for that lifestyle. Unlike a lot of other potato chips, or any chip I have come in contact with, this is not salty at all and the flavor is not overbearing. I hate it when I eat chips and they leave a salty, flavor film in your mouth and all you can think about is brushing your teeth. This does not give me any of these issues. It has a total of 100 calories and only 20 of them are from fat! I also haven’t gotten a stomach ache which is always a plus for me.

Opened daily goodie boxEm+pact protein & energy bar

Healthy on the go is something I am constantly looking for because I never have enough time in the morning to eat which is why it’s great to have something to grab and go. I got the flavor Maple-Licious with pecans and chia seeds, and it felt more like a fruit bar than it did a protein bar. There are actual seeds that you can see in this bar as well. Check out their website, Empact is a pretty cool company to boot. The bar
has 150 calories in it, and only 60 of it is from fat. You can pronounce all of the ingredients which is always a good sign for me. As for the flavor itself it tastes heavily of dates, which is the first ingredient and it is very chewy. I personally am not a huge fan of dates, but the quality is something I would buy for myself.

Raw Rev Glo protein bar

This bar is similar to the protein bars I have had in the past. Protein tends to have a grainy texture which you either like or dislike. Thankfully I like that texture and I like the idea of protein being packed into an easy to eat bar. It tastes heavily of peanut butter, is vegan and has 11 grams of protein. This bar has 180 calories and 100 of which are from fat. There are actual seeds in the bar and the chocolate is smooth and when you get that taste in your mouth it overpowers briefly in a really good way. I would definitely buy this on my own. As I’ve said, I love grab and go foods.

img_2351 Älsa energy water packet

This was an interesting part of the package. I was by far more excited to drink this than I was to eat anything in the box. However, there are a few things I was not expecting.  I tried the dragon fruit flavor and I will say I am not a fan. The smell alone is off-putting, however when I put it in the water bottle it didn’t have too bad of a taste. It almost was more of a hint of dragon fruit than being an actual sweetener. Instead of being a powder that gets poured into your water bottle like most flavor packets they are tiny crystals and resemble raw sugar. So that was a big appeal to me. As for the energy boost I’m seeing great effects. I have to wake up super early for work and I am still a Zombie by the time it is noon, and this pulled me right out of my funk without overdosing on coffee. It contains 100mg of caffeine per tube which is apparently equal to half a cup of coffee. So, if you do not feel like burning your mouth in an attempt to wake up before your boss gets in, I recommend this if you can get past the smell.

However, after about a quarter of the water  bottle I was jittery and had shaky hands for the remainder of my day. So, if you want energy and you have time to eat a good sized amount of food, definitely use this. Otherwise, Alsa on an empty or low fed stomach will make you crazy all day.

Natralia anti-itch soothing cream

This was a pretty specific item in the box, but as I do live in Arizona, sunburns are a regular occurrence. This cream is used to relieve itching from all kinds of causes as well pain from minor cuts. Have an itchy scab from running into a tree at the grand canyon? Live in a humid area with a lot of mosquitos? This is your solution. It does not use cortisone to bring down the itching, which is great because some people are allergic to it. It has a cool methylated smell and goes on thick. I’ve had a perpetual itch in the middle of my back and this has successfully lessened it. Next, I’ll try putting it on my mom’s eczema and my grandpa’s diabetic itch!


By the way…Have any of you actually seen Captain Philips? This movie turns me into a nervous wreck every single time. But if your interested in a cool write up, give this a read!


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