February Daily Goodie Box

Hello all!

I have once again been chosen for the impossibility that is Daily Goodie Box! After a delightful SNAFU with my apartment complex and the post office, I was finally able to get my hands on the box. No fault of anyone by my complex. I’m not sure why they refuse packages on behalf of residents, but that is neither here nor there.

While I have not tried everything in my box, since I have only had it a few days I will be updating this throughout the week!

Here’s what I have!

Just Chill Stress Relief Drinks

This was positively fantastic. I’m not sure if it was the placebo effect or not, but I’m normally full of anxiety on the day I get off work and this was very calming. It doesn’t make you tired, but it takes the edge off from a stressful day. The flavor was also really great too. It was like a sparkling berry juice, and the ingredient list did not terrify me. I would definitely buy this for myself to have once a day.

Coffee Blocks- Butter Coffee

I have not had this yet. To be honest it is because of the amount of calories in it right now, but I will get to it.

Vermont Smoke and cure-Cracked pepper beef and pork sticks 

I loved the texture of this. The flavor, however, was not my cup of tea but it was not bad. My dad really liked it. the flavor starts off like beef and pork but the vinegar taste kind of overpowers it toward the end. I think it really has something going for it though because it has the vibe of a Slim Jim but is not horrible for you and you can understand everything in the ingredient list.

Side note- you’re probably noticing I’m overly concerned with what I put into my body

Nature’s Bakery – Raspberry Fig Bars

These were really good, and everyone I shared them with seemed to enjoy them! The raspberry flavor is really faint and pleasant and the nice taste of the fig complements it well. My ever picky boyfriend even liked it, so that was saying something.

XyliChew – Spearmint

I didn’t really know what to expect here. It’s fully organic and natural. Perhaps that is why the flavor lasted literally for like three solid chews before it was just a gooey thing in my mouth. Not a bad flavor, kind of cool that it is sweetened with birch and also makes you think about how weird other gums must be to hold their flavor. Needless to say, it’s great for a quick breath freshen but not for long term chewing. But, how long do you need to chew gum for anyway?

Aloha – Daily Good Greens

I wish I could say I liked this, I really do. I love stuff with greens in it and I think had that been the only flavor I would have been happy with it. I got a chocolate flavor in my sample and it just threw off the entire thing. I could taste the greens, but then the hint of chocolate would pop up and I couldn’t finish drinking it. However, I did mix it with water, so I will say had it been with almond milk or in a shake it probably would have been fantastic.

Gorilly Goods – Organic Snacks

Great. Period. I have nothing ill to say here except I wish there was more of it. The flavor was sweet curry and it was delightful. It’s a packet of dried fruit and cashews. Not to mention proceeds go to helping gorrilas! Not too salty at all either.

Dream Water – Sleep Powder

My grandmother who never sleeps tried this on my behalf…unfortunately it gave her the opposite effect and kept her up all night. She did say that the snoozeberry flavor was lovely.

Nellie’s All-Natural – Laundry Soda Packs

I haven’t done my laundry since I got this…which is another problem all on its own.

Jack N’ Jill – Natural Toothpaste

This was really cool. I had been reading about natural toothpastes a lot lately and wanted to give it a try. It was weird to say the least though. I had the black currant flavor and I feel like I have been conditioned to have toothpaste taste like mint. It did not foam up the way regular toothpaste does and it did not burn my lips like regular toothpaste. For that aspect I really liked it. However, I did not feel like my teeth were as clean after using this as they were when I used the typical mint kind. I think for kids though, this is awesome because it is not harmful if swallowed.


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