June Goodie Box!

My life is a perpetual door of busy it seems these days. Between my final journalism class before I graduate and trying to work and pay my rent I feel like I have no time. Not to mention having to drive to the post office…I will be moving out of there when the lease is up to say the least.
Getting a Daily Goodie Box always gives me a reason to smile, who doesn’t like free products and talking about them when they are awesome? Since it’s the least I can do, check out my blog post about my June box!

This product was possibly one of the best things I have ever had. They didn’t leave a weird sugary aftertaste like most gummy bears do. All of the ingredients were natural and they had a great texture and flavor choices. My brother discovered them in my room (mind you he is 23) and started creating arguments on why I should share them with him. Overall, if I ever saw this product in a store I would immediately buy it.

I have severe back damage, most of the time I can’t get the lower back pain to stop. I’m not going to say that this stopped the back pain but it definitely soothed it. One thing I will say that the ultra strength is definitely very strong. I didn’t get a rash from this, but I felt the effects for a good while after I had it rubbed into my spinal area. I would definitely buy this from a store, just possibly the less intense version.
This came just in time for me. I have a lot of stomach problems and ginger or turmeric is usually the cure to it. This has a great combination of natural sugar and herbs to help digestion and warm you up. The fact that it is instant and doesn’t require more than dumping it into hot water is a plus if you are on the run as well!
I am lactose intolerant, so I was not able to really drink this entire thing. I had a sip, and gave the rest to my boyfriend. In my sip, the flavor was fruity but almost more like a medicine and since it is whey protein the texture of the drink was chalky. It didn’t have the appearance that it should be chalky though which threw me off.
My boyfriend has said that after he finished drinking it he got a stomach ache, so I’m not sure if that has something to do with the dairy or not.
I had pancakes over the weekend and my main priority was giving this syrup a taste. I am pretty snobby about it, I am from a town in New York that prides itself on making syrup and this had the delightful sweetness that natural maple syrup should have. I will be savoring every drop of this.
This has the most pleasant smell. I love using it in the shower and I think the most notable piece to consider is that it does not cause any adverse reactions to my skin.
The flavor I received was mint, and I have an aversion to that flavor in foods so I was not able to give this a taste.
This had a great flavor and was not too salty like most snack mixes. It did resemble Chex, but the seasoning was different and much more pleasant. I ate this real quick after I finally got my box. Good ingredients and for kids it is perfect because it had Paw Patrol on the front of the bag. It instantly garnered the attention of my nephew.
I am not a makeup user so it is hard for me to comment on this. I can say that it has a great smell and natural ingredients. I think I had sunblock from this company in the past and I really like that.

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