Mead, a Bath Bomb and a bit of Ed Sheeran

Just after writing that title it already has me thinking back to that lovely Friday night when I first tried the Cool Spearmint and Thyme Foaming Bath Bomb from Vitabath.

It seems like a rough week at work, like every week, and pure exhaustion from the constant bombardment of needy coworkers tends to leave you drained and lumpy on a Friday night. Add in the fact that I was in the starting part of the worst cold and you had a perfect combination for a rewarding bath.

As promised by my previous post, I got a chance to use the Vitabath bath bomb that was provided to me. Feeling that spearmint make its way through my nasal passages, cooling them as the air went into my lungs was as relaxing of an experience as it was watching the bath bomb fizz out in front of me.

Contrary to many bath bombs I’ve used in the past, this one did not just explode and fizzle out in a matter of ten seconds. In fact, it fizzled for about 3 minutes, almost to the point where I considered saving half of it for the next time but I wanted the full effect.

Not only did it turn my water a fun shade of green, as pictured above I could actually feel the essential oils seep into the air and stick to my tongue leaving a minty feeling on my lips. The combination of the smells and the heat of the bathtub made my cold a little bit more bearable for the time I was in there.

I think the most important aspect of this though, more than my experience or how nice of a product it is, is the way it works. It seems like I can’t quite say it enough. Each product I have tried from Vitabath has actually moisturized my skin and this was no different. My normally ashy legs and arms held their moisture in for a few days after so I didn’t feel obligated to put on lotion or even the body oil that was given to me as well. I loved the way my skin felt because it wasn’t oily, just smooth and me and my bathroom smelled amazing.

It also didn’t hurt that the bath bomb gave me a reason to sit in the tub with a glass of Mead and some pretty Ed Sheeran music playing in the background to unwind from the day.


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