February 2018 Daily Goodie Box

In the month of February I received this cool box of goodies so I could try out the products, give honest reviews, and personally decide if I would buy them for myself in the future. This month there were a few things I didn’t personally try, just because of some food allergies and such. If you’re interested in what I got to check out, keep on reading.

Good Wipes – Down there wipes

I wasn’t entirely sure what the purpose of these are for. The name makes it sound like it is for your nether regions, the scent infers it is for women, but the ingredients make me feel like I don’t ever want it near my delicate parts. Therefore, the smell was nice but I probably didn’t use it for its intended purpose.

Napz – All-Natural Sleep Solution

If I’m being honest I don’t feel comfortable taking supplements that help with sleep aid. I would like to say that the bottle is entirely an herbal supplement though, so it doesn’t put anything fake into your body. My brother tried these because he has had trouble falling back to sleep when he wakes in the middle of the night. They actually worked for him. He’s been less crabby so I assume it’s working right.

Not a fan. These were very chewy and there wasn’t much Mango flavor. I didn’t really chew them, more of something to suck on before you spit it out. I was afraid of it sticking too much to my teeth.
So, good flavor, good texture, not a good consistency because of the stickiness. Prince of Peace overall makes great products though. I would buy these if they were actual chews.

BiPro – Protein Water Orange + Caffeine

I can’t actually drink or ingest anything with whey protein. However, my brother used this.
Said the taste was great and he felt really energized after he drank it. Their previous product gave him a stomach ache and this one did not. No grainy texture and he asked where he could actually buy it in the store.

Andalou Naturals – Renewal Face Cream Pods

Really great plant based ingredients. Beautiful citrus smell. light and fluffy texture. goes on really smooth without a sticky or heavy residue.

After use my skin didn’t feel clogged and was incredibly soft. The sample contained a coupon I will most likely use for more.

Choice Organic Teas – Mushroom Wellness Teas

I really like the part of this being caffeine free. Often times I want a nice tea at night and only have those that are caffeinated. However I also got a tea with caffeine and it didn’t make me jittery. Good ingredients and good flavor, I’d buy these.

Good Natured Selects – Veg-ables!

GREAT flavor and texture. Sometimes these kinds of veggie chips can be oily and these are not at all. great ingredients and shape. They aren’t hard to chew and there are three good flavors. The tomato is the best I’d have to say.


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