March 2018 Daily Goodie Box

Well, it’s already April and the month of March seemed to fly right by me. So fast in fact, I did not get to the post office. Hence, my reviews being a little behind schedule.

While last months box (February) was not my favorite, the tune has quite changed for this one. Or maybe I’ve changed by accepting new things and being more open! Either way, lets begin!

I know this is your favorite part.

Prince & Spring – Fruitmojis

These are fun, mainly because they are in the shape of Emojis. They have a really good fruity taste, they aren’t as gummy as say gummy bear, they have a big more of a thick texture. I really liked them though, I’m a fan of fruity snacks in the first place. I’d recommend these because they have a fun factor, which is probably good for kids and they are good tasting. And, I feel like fruity snacks at LEAST have some fruit juice in them so they are a bit better than pure candy. A bit. Don’t be thinking this is your fruit for the day. I see you.

I liked that this was vegan, since milk protein makes bad things happen to me. You know how there’s normally a really chalky taste to protein bar foods. This had a slight one, but not enough to turn me off. I actually really liked the combination of chocolate and peanut butter. It doesn’t hurt that it’s got good proteins too.

Again, still kinda confused by this. I think they are great for keeping in your purse in case of an emergency. I think that’s the point since they come in small packets. These and the ones from my prior box smelled really good and the packaging is cute. It’s just strange to me that a women’s “down there” wipe is created by a company called Guygiene. Although, click on the link and learn a bit more about their company. It’s actually pretty cool. They are eco-friendly and natural so it should soothe your derriere.
Lactose free, which is always good. The initial color was a little weird, it was very yellow. However, it spread just like butter and though it says it has a vanilla flavor to it, it’s so slight you can hardly taste it. That’s how I prefer my hint of flavors though.
I love pink salt. As I write to you I’m in a dark room with my only illumination coming from this beautiful Macbook and my Himalayan salt lamp. Trust me when I say, the positive vibes are real from this stuff. First, the taste of pink salt is significantly better than regular salt. It just is. I salted my pasta water with it a few days ago and couldn’t believe the change. It brought out so much more flavor.
My second point? Pink salt is good for your energy and the space around you. Sprinkle it in your corners, place it in a box under your bed, feel that energy lighten around you.
This was fantastic, a little grainy, ZERO stomach ache and it didn’t have much calories. It was perfect for a meal replacement when I was late to work and unable to get food in the morning.  Great chocolate flavor, not to thick and didn’t feel overly gummy like some non-dairy milks tend to.
I’m really careful about what I put on my skin, just because it’s prone to break outs. That being said, I did not actually try this because I didn’t want to deviate from my routine.
I’ll be honest, I think that in order to use an allergy medicine you need to have allergies or at the very least a cold. I have neither, and so I will not be testing that out.
So, never heard of this in the past. But, holy shit. Pardon my language. You wanna talk about a good freaking shortbread cookie? Look no further. I’m at the point where I feel like I need to find this in stores they are soft and crispy at the same time – due to the cinnamon bits in the middle. And, since I’m careful on sugar, not too sweet. Please buy these if you’re thinking about it.
Not quite sure what this is all about. My boyfriend is a party pooper and doesn’t understand sensory therapy. This stuff is cool because it doesn’t actually get sticky. It’s like it just comes off your hands. It smells nice, looks cool and it’s so fun to play with. I’m not sure if I’d actually seek something like this out but it’s fun. I think it would be great for kids because it’s all about touching, playing and relaxing but also delivering aromatherapy. Win-win…win?

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