Kona, Hawaii

Have you been there? I’ve only been once. That one time was enough to change me forever. It hasn’t even been a year yet, but I feel longing each day to return.

This place was so pure and peaceful. No one was wearing shoes and pretty much everyone was walking around insisting that I “hang loose.” I’m not joking.

I took my four days in paradise to live like a beach bum. I drenched my hair in the cleansing salt water daily, and didn’t attempt to wash it. I rubbed my nails with sand and let the balmy salt air stick on my dry Arizona skin.

I removed all notifications from my phone and let my work emails stack up.

I woke up at the crack of dawn with my best friend to watch the sunrise, only to learn we were on the wrong side of the island.

I snorkeled in the warm ocean and canoodled with a few sea turtles.

I let my mind be at peace as I lay on the beach and soaked in the sun. I glanced around and didn’t feel anything but a desire never to leave. I was so far away from the world and the hustle and bustle of city life or the blistering hot Arizona sun.

I loved seeing that there was nothing but ocean for what seemed like forever.


No one can find me here.

For a brief time, I was me and my soul was home in a tropical oasis I didn’t know it was missing.

They say the other Islands have more to offer, but I seek after the mana I found in that small town.


March 2018 Daily Goodie Box

Well, it’s already April and the month of March seemed to fly right by me. So fast in fact, I did not get to the post office. Hence, my reviews being a little behind schedule. Continue reading “March 2018 Daily Goodie Box”

February 2018 Daily Goodie Box

In the month of February I received this cool box of goodies so I could try out the products, give honest reviews, and personally decide if I would buy them for myself in the future. This month there were a few things I didn’t personally try, just because of some food allergies and such. If you’re interested in what I got to check out, keep on reading.

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Mead, a Bath Bomb and a bit of Ed Sheeran

Just after writing that title it already has me thinking back to that lovely Friday night when I first tried the Cool Spearmint and Thyme Foaming Bath Bomb from Vitabath. Continue reading “Mead, a Bath Bomb and a bit of Ed Sheeran”

The Beauty of Vitabath

Vitabath, according to their website, had “a vision in mind, they created an innovative yet superior product that cleansed the skin and provided important skin conditioning benefits.” Continue reading “The Beauty of Vitabath”

June Goodie Box!

My life is a perpetual door of busy it seems these days. Between my final journalism class before I graduate and trying to work and pay my rent I feel like I have no time. Not to mention having to drive to the post office…I will be moving out of there when the lease is up to say the least.
Getting a Daily Goodie Box always gives me a reason to smile, who doesn’t like free products and talking about them when they are awesome? Since it’s the least I can do, check out my blog post about my June box!

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April Daily Goodie Box

Possibly one of my favorite times of the month is when I get a Daily Goodie Box sent to my door. It gives me something to do, and I get to share my opinion about products. Trust, I have a lot of opinions with places to go about products.

Anyway, this months box was a hit with me and my friends and family-so go ahead and give me quick notes a read if you’re curious!

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February Daily Goodie Box

Hello all!

I have once again been chosen for the impossibility that is Daily Goodie Box! After a delightful SNAFU with my apartment complex and the post office, I was finally able to get my hands on the box. No fault of anyone by my complex. I’m not sure why they refuse packages on behalf of residents, but that is neither here nor there.

While I have not tried everything in my box, since I have only had it a few days I will be updating this throughout the week! Continue reading “February Daily Goodie Box”

January Daily Goodie Box

As I write to you all, I am sitting in my living room wrapped in Daily Goodie box closeda blanket(that I made), drinking English breakfast tea (decaf) and nervously chewing on my lips while I watch Captain Philips(alone).  I am also staring at the impossibility that is the Daily Goodie Box I placed in front of me.

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Soul Mates

Today I want to talk about soul mates. There is a lot of debate about whether the soul is even a real thing, or if souls are fated to be together. I am fully aware of the culture of superstition around these things, but isn’t it nice to think that there is another human or animal out there and your souls are bound to meet, even if it is just for a short time.

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