Ridgway, Colorado

Sean and I have developed a serious wander-lust as of late. Meaning this was the year for tons of weddings. Meaning this was the year we spent a ton of money going places we normally wouldn’t have thought of going. New York was always a possibility, but the impossibly small town of Ridgway, Colorado? Who would have even known that existed. This story is long over due, considering we made this adventure in June, but Spanish class somehow always gets in the way of my getting personal writing done.

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The Adventure to New York

My life began in New York from very humble beginnings.¬†When people I meet find out where I’m from most of them say, “Oh everything makes sense now.” New York does not sound like humble beginnings because usually you think of the big city, traffic and high fashion. Really, while the city holds a lot of the population the majority of the state is the country side.

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