Mead, a Bath Bomb and a bit of Ed Sheeran

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Q&A with Diana Gabaldon

When I was in one of my physical therapy appointments a few weeks ago I over heard a woman talking about Game of Thrones. Everyone talks about Game of Thrones right? It’s kind of like a universal similarity for everyone. Then I hear the name Gabaldon and my attention piqued. Diana Gabaldon is one of my favorite authors. The mastermind behind the lengthy novels I spend so much of my time reading. There was no way this woman was talking about Outlander. Then she mentioned Jaime and I knew.

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Leaning Blue – Arizona Now a Battleground State in the General Election

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Ridgway, Colorado

Sean and I have developed a serious wander-lust as of late. Meaning this was the year for tons of weddings. Meaning this was the year we spent a ton of money going places we normally wouldn’t have thought of going. New York was always a possibility, but the impossibly small town of Ridgway, Colorado? Who would have even known that existed. This story is long over due, considering we made this adventure in June, but Spanish class somehow always gets in the way of my getting personal writing done.

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