img_1480I’m Jessica and now I am 25. I’m unconventional and quite set in my ways. I used to be an operations manager at a bank. I skipped right up that corporate ladder.

However, banking was not my calling in life. I’m not entirely sure what my calling is still, and despite what everyone tells you adults do not have it all figured out. But also, 25 year olds are not adults.

I taught myself how to sew, and now I design and make clothes from the privacy of the apartment I hardly leave.

I have an unhealthy obsession with George Washington. Thanks, Lin-Manuel.

When I have time I read, swim,sew, aid my boyfriend with his mead making and bake.

I want to write a book. It has been in me for years and it’s trying to find its way out. I like operations- stick me anywhere HR and I will have a good time.

This website explains itself. Who I am in the simplest of ways. What I am good at, what I like and what I want to do.